Never used the carousel ad format before? Or maybe you’ve used the format a little too many times and have already run out of steam? Either way, when you’re starting an ad campaign and have that dreaded blank feeling, one of the quick and easy solutions available is to look at other carousel ad examples. You’ll be able to get a better idea of the latest creative practices and trends, see the competition, and hopefully get a flash of inspiration here and there.

Facebook is an excellent source for some incredible carousel ads. When Facebook first introduced the format in 2014, it helped diversify the online ad environment. Carousel ads were versatile, cost-effective, and provided an expanded ad space that allowed advertisers to showcase their creativity.

And the carousel ad format has only become more relevant since then. In a time where interactivity is becoming more and more critical, carousel ads have become one of the more successful formats that get customers to linger and engage with ads. In fact, carousel ads have been proven to generate 30-50% lower cost-per-conversions and 20-30% lower cost-per-clicks. Of course, all those numbers won’t mean anything if you don’t have the inspiration to create an attention-grabbing ad!

Instead of spending hours swiping down your Facebook feed, hoping to find enough carousel ads to get a decent idea, keep reading- because we’ve compiled 23 Facebook carousel ads right here to help you make the most of this format quickly:

1# AYR

AYR Social Proof Carousel Ad

Social proof is what’s selling AYR’s ‘crazy comfy’ jeans in this carousel ad example. The recognizable, one-of-a-kind font style of each publication catches the eye and has customers immediately understand that their favorite magazine is promoting this product. It taps into the viewer’s preconceived trust in the New York Times and BAZAAR, and just like that, they’re much more likely to trust AYR and its product.

Sprinkle such ads in your retargeting, and see conversion rates increase carousel ad by carousel ad!

2# Feather

Feather HowTo Carousel Ad Example

When it comes to online ads, engagement during the first few seconds is key. In this carousel ad example, Feather accomplishes this and more.

It starts with a question that piques the users’ interest and then cleverly keeps their attention by splitting the answer throughout the ad. Curious customers are more likely to continue swiping to the next image.

By the end of the ad, customers will be well-informed and know what service Feather offers: ‘Furniture minus the headache.’

3# Tatras

Tatras Product Carousel Ad Example

This carousel ad example goes to show that model photos don’t need to be boring! Using solid, contrasting colors, this Tatras ad not only catches attention but also manages to express their quirky style. This ad is a visual treat, and when it comes to clothing, sometimes that’s all you need.


LOLA Product Carousel Ad Example

The absence of text in the photos highlight LOLA’s clean and very simplistic packaging. However, no information is lost as they use each headline to list their product’s features.

What’s more, because LOLA targets first-time buyers in this carousel ad, the ‘Learn More’ CTA is all the more effective.


UNIQLO USA Lifestyle Carousel Ad Example

The panoramic, collage-style in this carousel ad is a creative and subtle way to encourage customers to continue swiping. Adding to that, having the headline ‘UT Grand Prix 2019 Winners’ in the very first card lets anyone who encounters this ad know that these aren’t regular graphic tees, but award-winning graphic tees.

It’s human nature to want the best of anything, so why wouldn’t you showcase the awards your product has won?

6# Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch Social Proof  Carousel Ad Example

Boll & Branch innovates testimonial ads by making another brand the center of this carousel ad. Dedicating an entire ad to to wellness and lifestyle brand ‘goop’ is a bold choice, but it allows customers to understand Boll & Branch’s ethos straight away.

What’s more, as long as your customer pool overlaps with the other brand’s audience, this strategy is a great way to create social proof that will resonate with your own target audience. Even better if it’s an actual interest you can target:

Detailed Targeting for Goop
Detailed Targeting for Goop

It may look simple in terms of design, but this well-crafted ad shows that cohesion is what elevates your average ad to a compelling one.


APIECE APART Lifestyle  Carousel Ad Example

This ad tells a story, and it does it well. The headlines both have the product name and interesting taglines, the ad copy is both lyrical and informative, and the images themselves show APIECE APART’s wanderlust brand.

8# Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles Promotion Carousel Ad Example

Homesick Candles makes the most of the carousel format by having its sale in every headline and every image in the ad. Repetition is often the best way to keep something stuck in your head!

Visually, this ad is also effective. Despite the simplicity, the yellow background and white umbrellas are a fun way to not-so-subtly imply this ad’s summer theme. Plus, bright colors and high contrasts are always ‘thumb-stoppers’!

9# Gladskin_US

The carousel format is an excellent fit for testimonial ads. It can really switch things up if you’re tired of the minute-long (yet also useful) video montages of people praising things.

By breaking each testimonial into tiny, bite-sized pieces, Gladskin_USA created a fresh new perspective and hastened the ad’s pulse. This faster and much more interactive ad has the kind of engagement video ads just don’t have. And Gladskin_USA achieved this by simply repurposing content into another ad format!

10# H&M

H&M Carousel Ad Example

There’s something compelling about this ad by H&M. The images are well-shot but are done in a way that almost makes them look like candid photos. It gives the ad a personal touch, which fits the ad copy’s tone and overall theme.

This ad is definitely trying to get an emotional response from its viewers, and, well, it succeeded.

11# PicsArt

Despite only having minimal edits, this carousel ad example lives up to PicsArt’s promise of ‘making your photos stand out’ in the ad copy.

Even better, PicsArt creatively promotes its app’s features without explicitly showing the nitty-gritty of things. Its casual audience doesn’t want how to’s or detailed instructions; they want the app installed in their phones and ready for use in seconds.

Having a high install rate is particularly important for apps and software, therefore having their CTA go straight to the installation page is very efficient and will likely help their conversions.

12# Boll & Branch

Another excellent ad from Boll & Branch, this time focused on telling a story. The muted, panoramic image is pleasing to the eye, and the picturesque family evokes positive emotions in the viewer. What’s more, the evocative ad copy emphasizes action, linking very nicely to the CTA.

13# Musely

Easy-to-read text and images make this ad instantly understandable at a glance. The ad copy, headline, and CTA all support the message Musely is trying to get across, and the promotion in the last image rewards customers for their engagement.

This ad shows that you don’t need to have a wildly expensive and thought-provoking ad to achieve your marketing objectives.

14# Vapor95

As a company that built itself around its brand and aesthetic, this Facebook carousel ad showcases Vapor95’s style by pairing each quirky face mask with a matching background. Simple yet effective, Vapor95 focuses on their style to make them instantly recognizable by their target audience. Along with some creative colors, good focal points, and great framing, this ad is definitely a hit.

15# IKEA

Beautifully curated images to showcase their products and the lifestyle they are offering. An emphasis on ‘enjoying a breath of fresh air,’ the ad copy telling you to ‘make the most of your outdoor space’; it all connects to the ad’s theme: Spring and the outdoors.

16# Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is keeping to a specific color palette in this carousel ad example, and it culminates in an elegant experience.

Everything in this is wonderfully straightforward: the headlines are the product names, the CTA directly brings you to the product page, and the ad copy does nothing but tells customers that it’s ‘new’ and a ‘must-have.’

17# Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

This carousel ad example from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is upbeat, colorful, and fun. It manages to convey the ad copy’s positive message while still retaining the focus on their products. Sometimes simple animations are more effective and in-line with a company’s brand, and we end up with a truly creative ad like this. Want to see more illustrated ads? Check out this creative type in our gallery

18# Curtsy

This ad is not only creative in its use of the carousel format, but it also helps customers understand Curtsy’s services. The cropped photos give the illusion of UGC, which brilliantly ties into their user-driven platform.

19# Sylvan Marine

‘Build your pontoon’ is straight to the point and encapsulates the service Sylvan Marine is advertising. With each image having a step in its headline, it emphasizes how easy it is to build your own pontoon. After all, the carousel ad only has a few pages.

Using the pages of the carousel ad itself to convey your marketing objective? That’s some truly creative thinking right there.

20# Petbarn

How can you make the idea of ‘same-day delivery’ compelling? Petbarn answers this question by making things personal. By posing pet emergency-related questions, Petbarn shows that same-day delivery is an extraordinarily appealing and almost necessary online shopping feature.

Plus, pairing the three-toned, contrasting images with short punchy questions makes this ad stand out amongst the crowd -truly a ‘thumb-stopper’!

21# Allbirds

Stylized birds morphing into shoes is a definite question starter, and this Allbirds ad will certainly pique a customer’s interest. The ad copy also hits all the right beats by being both informative and a fun read.

This ad has some great creative practices and is definitely one marketers need to make note of.

22# John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners HowTo Carousel Ad Example

This is an excellent example of a product-focused ad. The super-short videos keep things concise, and the testimonials spread across each video effectively highlight the product’s features.

With ‘Dyson’ prominently displayed in the extreme close-ups, this ad wants to leverage the brand power of their product and make it a part of the conversation. And it works!

23# Moleskine

Movement is one of the more relevant factors in social media ads today. Online users have graduated from the plain old static images, and gifs, videos, and animation have become the new norm.

Moleskine’s simple act of adding motion to their images added a dynamic element and made this ad much more likely to gain an emotional response compared to static ads.

Along with the coercive words ‘tap to discover’ and the rectangular aspect ratios that subtly incorporate their planners, Moleskine has created a compelling story in this beautiful ad.


And that’s it! Did you find what you were looking for? Feeling properly inspired by these carousel ad examples? If you’re looking for more, whether in carousel format or otherwise, then head over to our Creative Gallery, where you can search through hundreds of ads and filter by creative type or ad format. We update our gallery frequently, so you’ll see the best and latest ad examples, all in one place.