In an age where visual media is king, you might think that the text in your ad posts doesn’t matter. That you can just mash together some vaguely appealing words, add the link that leads to your product page, and then dust your hands for a job well done. However, your ad copy is more important than what you might think. It’s an important tool that allows customers to understand your brand and your product better. That’s why we’ve created this list of Facebook ad copy examples, including multiple creative practices you can use on your next ad.

But first thing’s first.

What IS “Ad Copy”?

Your ad copy is what will entice your audience to take action. Outside of the initial hook from your video or image ad, the text will inform and convince the reader to make a purchase. It can highlight your product’s key features or address any misgivings they might have.

Think of it this way. In a physical store, a salesperson can answer questions and reassure the customer of their product. However, communication like this is hard to do online. The ad copy is a way for companies to address these concerns preemptively.

Not everyone needs a salesperson, and not everyone will read your ad copy, especially in times of Instagram Stories. However, for your audience that does want to “Read More” this is your chance to deliver your message in a nuanced way and provide additional information to the consumer. 

To help you better understand what parts of the Facebook post we’re talking about in this article, here’s a handy image with all the names:

Parts of an ad
Image by AdEspresso

Great! Now that we know the basics of ad copies let’s move on to some awesome Facebook ad copy example.

1# Yumi

Static Ad by Yumi

This ad copy rides the reader’s emotions like a roller coaster. Yumi’s main audience is parents, a demographic that’s much more susceptible to negativity, especially when it comes to their children.

Adding CNN as a credible source, then encouraging readers to ‘Learn more,’ this advertisement encourages worried parents to interact and find out more about their products.

2# Mejuri

Video Ad by Mejuri

14k gold under $150 is a pretty compelling statement. It’s short, sweet, and almost too good to be true. But the 20,000 glowing reviews in the headline absolves them of any doubt and reassures the reader that Mejuri is, in fact, a trusted brand that can deliver.

3# Instacart

Ad in Motion by Instacart

This simple yet colorful advertisement shows its value proposition no matter where you look. Just like it’s headline ‘From store to you ASAP,’ Instacart wrote an ad copy that is both to the point and informative. They highlight their fast delivery, but also some important conditions like availability and customer age. With an extremely straightforward video, the ad copy takes the brunt of the work, making it absolutely essential.

4# Lunya

Video Ad by Lunya

Lunya focuses on their female customers with this Facebook advertisement.

‘Everything is better with pockets’ is a subtle jab at the lack of pockets in women’s fashion and aims to relate to their target demographic. Once engaged, the ad copy continues down in the headline and provides a possible description of their product, then nudges the customer to ‘Buy Now’ with their call to action. This Facebook ad copy example flows smoothly, leading to an overall pleasant viewing experience.

5# BioSteel

Ad in Motion by BioSteel

Looking at this advertisement, it’s obvious that BioSteel knows how fast people swipe or scroll through Facebook these days.

They aimed to be as concise as possible by using pointed, one-word sentences to get their message across. ‘Clean. Healthy. Hydration.’ lets the reader know their product’s three key features in literally three words.

6# Milk Bar

Stop Motion by Milkbar

This seasonal ad makes use of its ad copy by making use of the customer’s FOMO (fear of missing out). Focusing on the product’s limited quantities in both the primary text and description gives the advertisement a sense of urgency. Add the ‘Free Shipping’ discount, and this is often enough to convince readers to buy right away.

7# Aera

Ad in Motion by Aera

This advertisement aims to tell a story rather than inform. The primary text imagines a lifestyle, while the named reviews and consideration for pets in the video makes everything seem more personal. Aera wanted a more intimate conversation with their customers, and this ad copy conveys this perfectly.

8# The Pet Plush

Static Ad by The Pet Plush

The ad copy in this advertisement focuses on what their product can do to improve a pet’s well-being. In fact, the huge ‘LOVE’ prominently displayed in the image clearly states their intentions. The primary text describes some of the ails their pets could be having, and then the headline offers a solution. It’s an ad that starts in a negative light, then immediately offers relief.

9# Flamingo

Static Ad by Flamingo

Ad copies don’t only provide information but also contribute to the tone of the advertisement. This ad copy is written in a confident tone, claiming that you’ll ‘feel the difference within 30 days’ and a ‘Love Flamingo Guarantee.’ The certainty in their words evokes a sense of assurance and quickly builds trust between brand and customer – something companies should always strive to achieve.

10# Keeps

Ad in Motion by Keeps

Keeps’ ad text is informative, prominently displays the featured discount offer (with all caps), and proudly proclaims what makes their product different from all their competitors. It ticks all the right boxes and can be reused in a variety of other advertisements, making this ad copy one of the more efficient examples in this list.

11# Hollister Co.

Video Ad by Hollister Co.

Hollister Co. really showed their prowess in their #MoreHappyDenimDance campaign. TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio has a large fan base, and the mere sight of her will get attention. Positive or negative, eyes will lock in on her dancing figure, then drift towards the company she’s promoting.

This particular example is very much an influencer-based ad copy. The focus in the primary text is the contest Hollister Co. is having, along with Charli D’Amelio’s social media. Even the headline has no mention of jeans, instead featuring the campaign’s hashtag.

However, this necessarily isn’t a bad thing. With such a compelling hook like a contest (and D’Amelio), it increases the chances of viewers interacting with their ads and traveling to their landing page. This then allows them to display their products in a place with a lot more space. This Facebook ad copy example takes a creative turn by drumming up interest in their contest, rather than their somewhat ordinary product.

12# MatchaBar

Video Ad by MatchaBar

This Facebook advertisement by MatchaBar matches the energy of the video with its ad copy. The emojis in the primary text add a pop of color that flows with the quite colorful video while still delivering relevant information. The headline is also significant as it summarizes the primary text and condenses it down to one line. It provides customers who don’t want to read long texts an easier way to understand their product.

13# Bkr

Ad in Motion by Bkr

Bkr had exclusivity in mind when they made this advertisement for their spiked water bottles. The primary text states that you have to own their product to truly understand what makes it so desirable, while the description at the bottom of the advertisement states that it’s ‘Exclusively on’ Both statements arouse interest, and the more curious your customers are, the more likely they are to interact with your advertisement.

14# The Glenlivet

Video Ad by The Glenlivet

In this advertisement, Glenlivet is emphasizing their company’s innovation and individuality. However, instead of simply stating this, they made an effort to make their text memorable and catchy. ‘Tradition of breaking traditions’ and ‘Original by Tradition’ is shorter but much more meaningful.

15# Public Goods

Ad in Motion by Public Goods

In March of 2020, health was becoming increasingly important all around the world. In this ad copy example, Public Goods focused on some hotly-searched items like hand sanitizer and toilet paper to grab attention. The headline text also aligns with the audience’s current values and needs. What’s also very effective is the ‘Never marked up’ description. By stating their advantage compared to their competitors, Public Goods give themselves the edge in the increasingly crowded online shopping climate.

16# Bev

Carousel Ad by Bev

One aspect of their company that Bev has always been proud of is their girl-power. In this Facebook ad copy example, they’ve made their brand distinct by crafting a stark image in their primary text – ‘old dudes’ vs. ‘made by chicks.’ But they also make sure not to isolate the other gender. With the added words ‘For Everyone’ and ‘For You,’ Bev shows that they’re all about inclusivity.

17# Casper

Ad in Motion by Casper

Using made-up words and having a more intimate writing style can work in your favor if it matches your brand. Casper, a mattress company, takes a more personal tone in this ad copy to inspire a sense of closeness with the reader. This fits especially well as this advertisement is focused on Testimonials. ‘They said it, not us’ is an informal way to show their product’s reliability. What’s more, the fact that the text in this advertisement sounds like something a buddy would say gives off the sense that Casper isn’t so much a company but a friend.

18# Ritual

Ad in Motion by Ritual

Ritual makes sure that their ad copy addresses what consumers find important in an easy-to-read manner. Instead of a long list of scientific terms, Ritual prioritizes the taste and the vitamins gained from their pills. However, they also make sure that the customer can immediately find more information about their product by making their call to action ‘Learn More’ instead of the more popular ‘Shop Now.’

19# Hermès

Carousel ad by Hermes

‘Shift boundaries’ is the theme of this Hermès Carousel Ad, and it’s constantly alluded throughout this advertisement. ‘Change state,’ ‘Defy gravity’ are statements that inspire and add emotional weight, rather than just share information.

20# Equal Parts

Ad in Motion by Equal Parts

This ad copy doesn’t name any specific item Equal Parts is selling. Instead, Equal Parts concentrates on the gains you receive if you bought their products. For example, ‘Elevate Everyday Cooking’ is a compelling statement, but nowhere does it describe the product. But why do this? When your product is already prominently displayed in the advertisement, adding unnecessary text in the rest of the Facebook post will just clutter the space and discourage viewers from reading in the first place.

21# Snowberry Beauty US

Video Ad by Snowberry Beauty US

The ad copy in this advertisement shows off the many achievements of the featured product from the very beginning. ‘Award Winning Natural Skincare, Exclusively From NZ’ is something few companies can claim to be, and Snowberry Beauty US uses their ad copy to expand on this ideology that was only briefly mentioned in the video.

22# Sweaty Betty

Ad by Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty uses their ad copy to seem relatable to their target audience. Static Image Ads often don’t have enough space to connect with the viewer, so it’s important that the primary text and headline text picks up the slack. The informal writing and constrained use of emojis in this ad copy example successfully walks that fine line of being youthful, but not childish, mature, but not old.

23# Felix Gray

Ad in Motion by Felix Gray

In this advertisement, the focus is placed on the ad copy rather than the visuals. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that the necessary information is properly conveyed in the text. Having the discount written twice in both the primary text and the description makes it easy to spot; likewise, with the ‘Happier Eyes’ guarantee.

24# MeUndies

Ad in Motion by MeUndies

If your brand permits it, word-play is always a great thing to have in your ad copy. It keeps the reader interested and makes your ad copy more memorable. Not only is ‘match your bottom half to your better half’ a delightful sentence, but it also relates to the advertisement’s theme!

25# Keeps

Ad in Motion by Keeps

‘Hair loss can be optional’ is Keep’s slogan, and it’s clear why they chose it. The phrase is compelling and urges the reader to take action. Having this at the very start of their primary text ensures that this impactful statement is properly utilized, even when readers stop reading halfway through the post.

Also, having the text copy spread out throughout the advertisement (most of the ad copy is in the video itself, rather than in the Facebook post) keeps the post clutter-free and easier on the eyes. It’s important to make sure your posts don’t have large blocks of texts that aren’t properly formatted. Too much text can intimidate the reader and spur them to stop reading.

26# MoxieLash

Video Ad by MoxieLash

The use of emojis and other font styles adds an extra dimension to this advertisement’s ad copy. Having ‘MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes’ in a different font make the phrase stand out while having emojis as bullet points draw the eye. The strike-through of ‘Extensions’ and ‘Glue’ in the video is also a clever way to convey their product’s features in the smallest amount of words.

27# ADAY

Video ad by ADAY

‘Sold out 14 times’ is definitely a fact you’d need to show off if you had the opportunity. ADAY keeps the ad copy short and sweet – they state facts rather than make the viewer read long blocks of information.

They also keep things relaxed. ‘It’ll be your new fav shirt’ shows that they aren’t worried about proper grammar. Instead, like their brand, ADAY makes its texts sound spontaneous and free.


Static Ad by SAUCEY

This entire advertisement is based on text. The Static Image literally doesn’t have anything except the words ‘Need Alcohol?’

This ad copy is quite compelling as it’s unexpected and startlingly humorous, despite the lack of imagery. The rest of the post describes a discount code and free delivery, making this advertisement look no-nonsense and seem like a good deal.

29# Jack Erwin

Static Ad by Jack Erwin

‘Beautiful shoes for busy people’ is an enchanting statement, and the alliteration flows well. This continues to the headline, where the name of the featured product is stated. This makes it easier for the customer to search for the shoes if they’re interested. The Social Proof in the image also makes for a compelling argument as VOUGE is a well-known magazine.

30# Truff Hot Sauce

Ad in Motion by Truff Hot Sauce

In this ad copy, Truff Hot Sauce wanted to hone in on their brand rather than their product. This ad copy aims to give Truff Hot Sauce a more personal tone and does so quite well. It reads more like a person telling their story and having a conversation, rather than a company trying to sell you something.

31# Stojo

Ad in Motion by Stojo

With the lack of text in the video, it’s up to the ad copy to hook the viewer. First, it states what the product is and its features. Then, with ‘As versatile as you’ Stojo compliments the reader and makes them associate the advertisement with something positive. Finally, by having ‘get yours now’ as a statement rather than a question is a strong statement of how easy it is to purchase the item and its availability.

32# Paravel

Static Ad by Paravel

The keyword ‘Sustainable’ is present in every single aspect of the ad copy. From the Static Image to the description, it lets the reader know again and again that sustainability is an important feature that Paravel takes pride in.

33# Kopari Beauty

Video Ad by Kopari Beauty

Aiming for a fun and relaxed tone, this Facebook ad copy example includes slang, amusing word choices, and emojis here and there. This fits perfectly with the brand’s lowbrow Unboxing video.

34# Allbirds

Static Ad by Allbirds

This is another advertisement that relies on the text around it rather than the Static Image. The primary text provides the initial information and pulls the reader in with positive association, while the headline explains what makes this product stand out from the rest. In the end, the description trails off, beckoning the reader to click for more and find out just why Allbird’s shoes are the ‘world’s most comfortable.’

35# Harry’s

Video ad by Harry's

The video and headline provide an immediate indication of this advertisement’s goals. It keeps uninterested parties from wasting time while enticing those interested. ‘Redeem Your Trial Offer Today’ gives a sort of time constraint while also making things somewhat personal. Having explained the contents of the Starter Set in both the video and the primary text, Harry’s ad copy might not be as short as the others, but nevertheless, it’s an enlightening read.


Facebook Ad Copy Example by TUSHY

TUSHY is almost always focused on making their advertisements humorous and full of puns. What makes this ad copy noteworthy is its relevance to real-world events. This ad copy is vague enough to be relatable in various situations but close enough to current events that it will resonate with the reader. An ad copy that can stand the test of time and be reused is certainly a sign of good writing.

37# Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor

Viewers tend to shy away from large blocks of text. What’s the point of writing an absolutely amazing ad copy when most people won’t even read it?

However, in this Facebook ad copy example, Cubo cleverly circumvents the density problem that comes with long ad copies. Cubo chops up their long list of features into three smaller chunks and uses emojis to break up the monotonous black and white.

38# Frankies Bikinis

Ad in Motion by Frankies Bikinis

Despite the long primary text, its good formatting and use of emojis keep things easy on the eyes. ‘Tap to get glowing’ is also a great call to action that stays brand-relevant.

39# adidas

Ad in Motion by Adidas

The use of all caps in the headline highlights the exciting mood the advertisement is trying to convey. The short but youthful ad copy doesn’t feel out of place. Instead, it adds to the positive, feel-good video.

40# Light + Fit

Ad in Motion by Light + Fit

The questions and answer style in the primary text keeps things concise while still being informative. After all, there’s no need to write out full sentences when you can just list the product’s features.

41# Pabst Blue Ribbon

Stop Motion by Pabst Blue Ribbon

The no-nonsense attitude in the primary text gives the advertisement a confident tone. The answers without the questions make for an interesting read. Add the funny double entendre ‘Nothing French About This Press,’ and you have a cohesive and unique ad copy.

42# Recess

Ad in Motion by Recess

If you aren’t relying on visuals to sell your product, you’ll need to use your ad copy to give your advertisement some color. Recess does this particularly well in this example.

This entire ad is littered with some nice word-play and clever phrases (e.g. ‘Take a Recess’). The alliteration (“claim, cool, collected”) and rhyming in the plain description (“not tired, not wired”) make for a pleasant read while still providing some information.

43# Ruggable

Facebook Ad Copy Example by Ruggable

‘Have your cake and eat it too’ is a great pun to a delightful video. The festive emojis emphasize the celebration, and having the discount in the primary text, headline, and video shows Ruggable’s main objective with this advertisement.

44# Magic Spoon Cereal

Static Ad by Magic Spoon Cereal

In this advertisement, Magic Spoon Cereal wrote an ad copy that is not only informative but also sprinkled with their own flair of humor. Adding ‘Tastes like magic’ to the list of features implies deliciousness and adds personality to an otherwise common description.

45# Flamingo

Ad in Motion by Flamingo

Here we have another great Facebook ad copy example from Flamingo. Like their products, the ad copy in this advertisement sounds friendly and intimate. What’s more, the headline ‘Finally, Wax Strips That Work’ implies that their product is the one that’ll be able to solve the viewer’s problems.

46# American Button Machines

Static Ad by American Button Machines

‘Best button maker in the world’ is no easy feat, so this sentence rouses the reader’s interest. The care-free offer of calling or emailing them also shows their confidence in their product. This CTA is fearless and self-assured, making for a great ad copy example!

Note: While for this brand the ad creative was approved, please be aware that adding a search bar like this can fall under Facebook’s “Non-existent Functionality” ad policy and result in your ad getting rejected.

47# InVideo

Video Ad by InVideo

The emojis, egg-related puns, and relaxed writing style makes this ad copy a fun read. Perfectly conceptualizing InVideo’s lively brand, this Promotion Ad is sure to bring a smile to the reader’s face.

48# Pringles

Animated Ad by Rick and Morty with Pringles

Ad copies are meant to be informative and complementary to your advertisement. In this Pringles advertisement, the ad copy perfectly encapsulates Rick and Morty’s quirky black humor. Watchers of the show who know the in-jokes will appreciate this short-but-sweet ad copy, while others will be intrigued and stay to watch the entirety of the advertisement.

49# Mejuri

Ad in Motion by Mejuri

Mejuri is back on the list with this wonderful Mother’s Day advertisement. ‘never expires’ and ‘always a right fit’ gives the idea that their products are long-lasting and worth the investment. It also has another meaning when taken in the context of their gift cards, the main product being advertised. Their gift cards never expire and give people the freedom to choose their own present. Such clever double meaning in only one sentence!

50# TokyoTreat

Unboxing Ad by TokyoTreat

As a monthly loot crate, seasons are an important aspect of TokyoTreat’s brand. In this advertisement, the keyword ‘summer’ is used throughout the post in great effect. The constant mention of summer evokes a certain image to the reader, which complements the colorful and bright Unboxing Ad. ‘Worldwide shipping, straight to Japan’ is also a good slogan by having both their main draw (Japan) and a great feature (Worldwide shipping) in one short sentence.

51# Nguyen Coffee Supply

How to Ad by Nguyen Coffee Supply

In this Facebook ad copy example, Nguyen Coffee Supply tells you all you need to know in a single sentence: that they sell organic, freshly roasted Vietnamese coffee, and that their store is located in Brooklyn. Very efficient!


And there you have it! A whopping 51 Facebook advertisements that feature informative, quirky, or funny ad copies. Ready to write your own ad copy? Or do you want to keep going down the advertisement rabbit hole? If so, try out our Creative Gallery! With our comprehensive filters, you can search for specific advertisement formats or styles to help you get inspired.